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Junior Achievement Program Resources

Though schools are closed, Junior Achievement is here to support students, parents and teachers during this period of uncertainty. Learning can continue and JA is providing access to learning experiences that students can do on their own, with a parent or other caring adult, or with teachers via a digital/virtual environment. Resources are organized by school level and can be used whether or not you've engaged in a JA program in the past. We will be continuing to add to the content in the coming days so check back often.


The videos are cartoon based which introduces third grade students to financial literacy and grade - level social studies learning, including money management and the importance of economic exchange within a city.

Ages 9-12

In a virtual world, students will become entrepreneurs and run their own retail business in JA Canada's Bizcraft game. 


The money Jar is a podcast about kids, families and money hosted by Junior Achievement experts along with several other hosts. 

Ages 9-12

The Stembot stimulation contains several interactive activities and games focusing on Science, Tchnology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

Copy of  JATCI  CAMP.webp

Students will learn proper money management and the impact of financial decisions.


Helps provide high school students with practical information about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers and advice on career preparation.

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It is designed to support students to understand, plan, carry out, monitor and evaluate a project of their own. 

Ages 13-19

It is designed to help teens find suitable careers, learn about saving and budgeting, and find out how they can start their own businesses.


In JA’s Entrepreneurial Trades online program, students will encounter multiple learning mediums that will assist them in understanding, analyzing, evaluating and applying financial and business skills essential for a successful trades career.

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