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Innovation Camp

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Innovative thinking in real time experience!


Targets: Ages 14 - 18

Structure:  Students organized in teams of 4-5 have to find innovative solutions to a specific challenge of world business that is presented.

Methodology:  Students will have the help of volunteers who provide advice during the development of the challenge; the solution will be evaluated by a panel that will choose the winning proposal.

Duration:  5 hour program for the students and volunteers.

Overview:  It is an intense experience for students, as they must find a solution to the problem within a short period of time, they are given access to tools, information and resources. Team members are randomly selected and therefore will have to adapt quickly and find the most efficient way of teamwork.

The educational goals of JATCI Innovation Camps include:

  • Stimulate young people's innate innovative abilities and creative ideas.

  • Encourage young people to work well in teams to solve a real-life problem.

  • Bring young people in close touch with people from the business and public sector to learn more about what companies and organizations do, and the challenges they face.

  • Give students a learning experience that they would not otherwise have at their age.

  • Through technology, identify societal needs and achievable solutions.

  • Motivate students to succeed

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